London Transportation from the Airport #London

On my recent trip to London I received much advice to help me get there. After stepping onto the airplane at Dulles, I used a few different modes of transportation to get to my hotel.I can never resist taking a picture of clouds. I just thinks its so fascinating being in the middle of clouds so please indulge me. Of course the excitement was building as I saw the result of the effort of the over 7 hour flight. Since I have never been outside of North America (does St. Croix count?), this was awesome! A friend from work suggested that I take the Heathrow Express to the Tube instead of getting a taxi. It was a great suggestion and my first exposure to European transportation. Another friend had told me that I will be hearing "Mind the Gap" whenever I am on a train and there it was. The Heathrow Express took me to Paddington Station. From there I purchased an Oyster Card (weekly) and then boarded the Tube to Tower Hill station. My other friend said that I should get an Oyster Card because it would cover the majority of my transportation. This was so true! Below are a few pictures from Paddington Station.  After much carrying of baggage up and down stairs, I never found an escalator or elevators, I finally arrived at my destination, the Hotel Indigo London Tower Hill. I don't usually post a lot of photos of hotel rooms, but in my next post I will share some on the Hotel Indigo. I loved it!Pictures Taken 7/17/2016